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Leighton Fairlie is a loop artist who started out in Mount Maunganui and is now based in Auckland. This brand new project sees him mixing a range of dub, roots, hip hop, drum and bass and acoustic elements into a captivating and unique sound.

In the last 12 months Leighton has opened for bands such as Knights of the DUB Table, ManaLion, Salmonella Dub, Summer Thieves, Katchafire, The Black Seeds and Strangely Arousing. These opportunities have fed his drive to create and perform.

Having recently returned from a 6 date international tour of South America, Leighton has been hard at work in the studio recording his EP which he plans to release this summer. Inspired by a message of political awareness and overcoming the negativity in the world through love, self-love and positivity.

Leighton’s project includes brazilian, Fabiano Fava on the trumpet. His sound continues to develop and gain depth as he explores the untapped potential of New Zealand’s music industry.

Galaxy - Single

200 Monthly Listeners
10,000+ Streams

Released 2018

Distant - EP

200 Monthly Listeners
10,000+ Streams

Released 2019


Galaxy | Live Video Leighton Fairlie performs 'Galaxy' in a live studio recording session, Mount Maunganui.

Distant EP Release Leighton Fairlie's headline show at Totara Street, Mount Maunganui.


Notable Performances

Event Capacity Location
Katchafire (Support) 2500 The Mount park festival, Mount Maunganui (Sold Out)
Otium (Support) 300 Auckland
Salmonella Dub (Support) 450 Mt Maunganui
Knights of the Dub Table (Support) 300 Auckland
Strangely Arousing (Support) 300 Auckland

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